By Kiyimba Bruno

Many people hear the name Jack Pemba and wonder who he is and what he exactly does.

Today we have several reasons for fronting Mr. Pemba as our sports personality of the week.

Who is Pemba?

No one exactly tells what Pemba does. People just have ideas without evidence. According to him he is a business man with companies in Uganda, Rwanda and Dubai.

However Jack Pemba, commonly known as Mr. J.P is the Chief Executive Officer of Pemba sports Africa.

He is a Ugandan business man who has made most of the sports disciplines move to another planet.

He is the man who has put a strong hand in boxing, kick boxing, football, basketball as well as many other games to see that they move to another level.

Recently in one of the boxing prematch press conference that was held at Nanjing hotel in Kampala, Jack Pemba came out openly to criticize the media that ill talks bad about him.

“Pemba is a rich man. Iam here to stay and make sure that Africa’s sports more especially Uganda grows to another level. Those who think in attacking me should stop it. I don’t have any crimes against me, neither do I have a bad record here in Uganda.  Said Pemba.

Apparently Mr. Pemba has signed a six years contract to take Uganda boxers to Vegas which is a great move to the game and Ugandans at large.

What is that one thing that Pemba is sure of?

He is a rich man. In fact he is the new moneybag in town.

What people expect from Pemba when they meet him?

Many people do not differ in their expectations when they meet Mr. Jack Pemba. The ideas are always differing depending on what level that you might be.

High class expect business

Women expect money

Media expect money

Low class expect to feel his body by shaking hands

The wise expect answers to various questions like how does he manage all the wealth he has, how did he come up with such wealth, to mention but a few.

When you go to his whatsapp status , I was surprised. In fact what I found there gave me a lesson.

It states, “Feed the dogs for 3 days, they will remember you for 3 years. Feed the human for 3 years, they will forget you in 3 days”

With this statement, it is a clear indicator that Mr. Pemba has been let down by many human beings. More especially those that he has managed to help.