By our reporter

Shortly after court issuing an arrest warrant over failure to pay debt worth shs1 billion belonging to businessman Godfrey Kirumira, socialite Jack Pemba is again marred in another scandal.

Last evening, it was alleged that the socialite released on social media, a video clip of him having sex with a girl who goes by the name Honey Suleman (Facebook).

According to the victim, Pemba asked for $5,000 from her and her family, in order to withhold the video clip.

The clip, which has Pemba’s face cropped out, only shows Suleman wiggling as they make love.

Suleman wrote on her Facebook wall, “I know about the video and my whole family is aware of it. If Jack Pemba felt like it was okay to share our intimate moment when we were both in love I have nothing to do about it. He is an old and mature man and I’m sure he had his own intentions leaking it. So please stop calling me and telling me about it. temumalaako milembe please. Am past the video drama and all. If you all get tired of seeing and sharing it you will also move on with your lives. Temummalaako milembe please.. Mujja kwesortinga and as for Jack Pemba. Allah is watching and Karma is a bitch,”

However, talking to Watchdog Uganda in a phone interview, Pemba has distanced himself from the circulating sex video saying that he is not the man in the video.

He said he was shocked when he saw people on social media pinpointing at him as the man in the intimate video.

He revealed that he doesn’t know what Suleman is talking about since he is not the one in the video.

Pemba further revealed that he doesn’t want to discuss about the whole issue citing that it’s total rubbish.

“Am too big to discuss about this sex issue, this is total rubbish. It’s not me in the video,” said Pemba.

He added, “My lawyers told me not to discuss about this since it may backfire. There are some evil people fighting me but me I don’t want problems with them,”