By Watchdog reporter

Jack Pemba passes as a kind hearted rich man. He has done sports philanthropy in Uganda, and says he runs similar ventures in Rwanda and Dubai.

But Pemba is much different from the person many people in Uganda know.

Today we bring you the person of Pemba whose reckless sex life messed up a happy English family he got married into.

Pemba married Victoria Chaplin about 15 years ago. The couple’s wedding was fully funded by Victoria’s family. Pemba was a broke man, having arrived in England from Tanzania to seek better pastures.

In England he met young Victoria, a middle class family white girl, who helped him get the British citizenship by marriage. Pemba has used maximally this citizenship to his advantage like we shall tell you in the subsequent posts.

Pemba and Victoria have had a rough last 15 years of their marriage, but the two have remained husband and wife, and they’ve been blessed with three children; Jack Junior the eldest, Gracie and Tia, the youngest.

Victoria’s family opened its arms to Pemba who they regarded as a son until a few years into the marriage.
Pemba had started to meet people, telling them about his being involved in gold and diamond business. The claims made him meet especially footballers in UK, and we shall tell you that next time.

Whereas Pemba was actually a poor man living off the allowance the state offered to him as an unemployed British citizen with a young family, the ambitious man in him wanted to live another life. He wanted to be known as a millionaire minerals dealer, hobnobbing with the A listers.

So, he had to look that millionaire personality.

Having exhausted friends to tell his stories, around 2005, he hatched a plan. He wanted to tap into the savings of the family. He realized Victoria’s mother, Mrs Chaplin, was susceptible. Her husband was sickly, and her, dependant on alcohol. He started dedicating time to her, telling her how he was madly in love with her. Victoria’s mother fell for him. The two flew to Las Vegas and had a fake marriage.

Jack convinced the mother in law that he would run away with her if she would agree to sell their house valued at £1.2 million, which would be money enough to keep them happy forever. Mrs Chaplin fell for it. And in the midst of her drunken state, she signed off a sale agreement giving Jack Pemba access to the money he wanted.

That’s how the Chaplins lost a highly prized family home, which had been passed down for generations.

Unfortunately, Pemba didn’t disappear with Mrs Chaplin as promised. Instead, for six years, Pemba continued telling stories to Mrs Chaplin, until finally, Mr Chaplin discovered he had lost the family estate to crooked Pemba. When he confronted Pemba, he threw a brick to Mr Chaplin, threatening to kill him.

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