By Watchdog reporter

It is time for mourning Ivan Ssemwanga. Also it is time for condoling with Zari Hassan who has three children with the late.

However, one man who is condoling Zari like her life depends on him is another socialite Jack Pemba, the boyfriend of another party animal Sheba Kassami.

Pemba is known as a man who knows how to pamper women, and many times the female birds rarely survive his killer instinct.

Now Zari, another renown man-eater and now staying with Pemba’s countryman Diamond Platinumz has got people talking.

Since Zari flew in the country with Ivan Ssemwanga’s body, Pemba has been exceptionally caring. He was with her at Muyenga on the night Ssemwanga’s body was taken to his home there, and Pemba was caring enough to drive Zari to Namirembe Cathedral on Monday where Ivan’s body was prayed for.

It is understood that Ivan was one of the friends with whom they painted the town, but also, he is a Tanzanian who could be protecting Diamond’s interests in Kampala.

However talkers did not stop wondering if what Nsangi mayor Hajj Kiyimba did to Mama Fiina cannot lead Pemba to abandon his beau Sheba Kassami for Zari, now a loaded widow.