By Kiyimba Bruno

Over 30 men are set for a conference of mind change as organized by the Institute of work, culture and ethics (IWCE) in conjunction with coach Africa.

Speaking to the IWCE Director, Mr. Sam Bwaya said that the two days retreat is going to be for brain storming and making new personalities out of the old. He added that he believes that many are not going to come back the same.

Bwaya added that the game change retreat shall not take place at the IWCE home in Luwero but this time round in Mukono at lakeside view escape.

Among those male employees who are going to attend are foreigners from Kenya who believe that IWCE is the place that has changed the mindset of their employees ever since it was opened.

The team shall leave early in the morning of 9th January 2017 to set off to Mukono where they shall board a ferry which shall transport them to the lake side view.

Bwaya noted on the Transformation Baraza which does not look for people with challenges for transformation.

“In each person or organization there is room for improvement. Regardless of how well one believes they are, there is still more to learn and get better.” said Bwaya

He went ahead to reveal that their focus is on performance, both at individual and organizational level.

“We would like to get our people and organizations perform at world class standard.” Said Bwaya

He added that they have programmes for students to get them into the right track/lane and then fast track them.