By Watchdog reporter

Since the death of Ivan Ssemwanga, many people thought the late had three children – the trio with Zari Hassan. Many were actually wondering how Ivan, with her partying ways, could only have had children with Zari.

However, mourners at the burial of Ssemwanga were shocked to hear about the fourth child.

As Ivan’s friends known as Rich Gang addressed mourners, the group’s spokesman spoke about how Ivan brought them together in the spirit of turning them into millionaires.

They also announced $100,000  as contribution towards helping the children of the late. That is when mourners had about the fourth child, called Winnie Ndibaza.

It is not clear if Zari, although an estranged wife, knew about the child, or she still thought only her children are entitled to calling Ivan dad!

But well, now the world knows, Ivan has a fourth child. And Zari’s three children are lucky to have a sister.