By our reporter

Since last week Islamic University in Uganda has been in limelight for suspending students who were involved in love affairs.

“During cross-examination to which you were subjected at the above disciplinary sub-committee and basing on your oral and written submission in which you stated that you were found in darkness engaging in love affairs, you were found guilty of having committed the above offence, hence violating university rules,” Dr Sulait Kabali, the secretary in-charge of the disciplinary committee told the affected students in a letter dated 14th April.

“Basing on this, the disciplinary sub-committee recommended one dead year a punishment for the offence. Exercising the powers conferred upon it in the university rules, the disciplinary committee upheld the recommendation of the dead year as punishment,” added Dr. Kabali.

However, following the social media speculation, the university on Monday evening issued a statement saying that only 23 students were handled by the university’s Disciplinary Committee not 40 or 80 students as it has been alleged recently.

Rehema Kantono, the University publicist says the 23 students were committed to disciplinary committee after being found guilty of theft, consumption of alcohol and pregnancy outside marriage among others.

She notes that the students in question were given punishments ranging from apologies to discontinuation according to the University policies.

According to Kantono, only 10 students were discontinued and out of them two final year students appealed to the Executive Board to be allowed to sit for their exams.

“Those out of the 10 discontinuation cases, only two were final year students.  It is important to note that several of those students, who were not satisfied with the decision of the Disciplinary Committee appealed against the decision to the Executive Board, the highest decision making body of the University, and those who were meeting the financial requirements were allowed to sit for their examinations,” she said.