Today, I have been up since 3am and I have been just like a zombie the whole day.I am literally dozing at my desk. Am glad the boss isn’t around to see this. I was up by 3am reading for my exam that I had to do in the morning.

In order to beat the horrible traffic jam in the morning, I had to leave home at exactly 6am. All was good until I was half way through my journey and it started raining, and just like the bad day that it was turning out to be,I hadn’t carried my umbrella,so I had to brave the morning rain shower and by the time I got to the university, I was dripping wet.

Immediately after the exam,I had to rush to office since I had a lot of work waiting for me that I needed to do as soon as possible and during all this,all I could think about was home. I wish I could go back home,put my head down and sleep for a few hours but I know even this won’t be possible because once I get home,then the mom mode is activated. My babies will each want a “piece” of me and I have to cater to all of them.

Its now a few minutes to 5pm and I just can’t wait to rush home. Its been a long day and I need some rest but tomorrow, the cycle continues.