By Lawrence Kazooba

Israelis went gaga after Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni talked about Palestine and a two state solution for the peace of the Middle East during his Entebbe raid at 40 speech.

The Israelis including the editor of the #JerusalemPost, went on to insult the host of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was visiting sub Saharan Africa for the first time.
In his speech, Netanyahu stated rightly that he was the first prime minister of Israel to visit this part of the world in two decades.

Israelis can be forgiven to think the world knows about them, know everything, and everyone reads their Torah. Fortunately, the world is much bigger than Jerusalem and, Tel Aviv. And, many people don’t really give a damn to what goes on in the Middle East. So, Israeli extremists should better swallow that bitter pill.

However, the same world watches on as Israeli “terrorists” kill innocent Palestinian children, on the daily basis.

A Palestinian child will most likely die from an Israeli bullet than any other illness, in this day and age, because, Israelis are used to use force, take life and destroy, where talking could have solved the situation.
That’s what happened on July 4, 1976. One Israeli soldier died, Uganda lost 40 sons who were on duty when invaders attacked Entebbe airport and left it destroyed together with planes they found on the tarmac. That’s Israel for you.

So, if Israelis expected an apology from Uganda, that was a sad day.
For what we care about is not calling their country by all names in their history books and calling any non Jew by derogatory names as they are used to.

Museveni made a call for a two state solution. It requires tolerance. If the Jewish extremists don’t want to hear voices of reason, they can go and hang.  Let them continue fighting, but, the fight of thousands of years over that land will not stop until justice is served. And that justice is that Israelis and Palestinians have a right to live, and the need to accommodate and tolerate one another.
And Israelis will live peacefully in this world from one generation to the next if they learn to respect other nations.
If not…the exiles mentioned in their history will be a cycle whose chain they cannot break. And when people remember how intolerant #Israelis are when in position of strength, some people will be tempted to remind you that you’re down when you are actually down when in actual fact they should be standing with Israel.

So, there was no need turning such a historic  event into a competition that degenerates a leader of another country.  If Museveni was wrong, point out where he did so.

That said, there are very few politically correct things you can say about Israel and Palestine.