By Najibu Mulema
Like any dad, one would wish their children the best, especially if you have only one son or daughter.
If you are a business person and wants your son to inherit your sweat sowed in a business empire, you might be like Ugandan mogul Sudhir Ruparelia.
However Sudhir is not that lucky, as his son Rajiv is reportedly doing more damage than good ever since his father appointed him to the management position of his Rupaleria Group of Companies.
Before Sudhir introduced his son Rajiv, his Empire was an enviable business growing by leaps and bounds.
However just years in the managerial post, Rajiv has registered a number of criticisms from all businesses he has a hand in. Unfortunately, these complaints are leading to the sinking of Sudhir’s businesses slowly by slowly.
An associate to Sudhir’s empire has been circulating a whatsapp post alleging a number of things, all pointing to Rajiv, being in the business destruction mode.
The post says Rajiv has done more harm than good to his father’s businesses which include schools, hotels, banking sections, real estate among others.
The report starts from Rajiv mismanaging of Victoria University, as well as Kampala Parents School which scored dismally in the recent Primary Leaving Exams.
It is not news that Rajiv was known for throwing tantrums or swearing at Crane Bank staffers when he came to pick “money”. The bank, which was one of the top five banks in the country, was taken over by the Central Bank due to lack of minimum security fund in Bank of Uganda just to mention but a few.
According to close sources, the main causes of Rajiv’s misfortunes are arrogance, childishness, inexperience, weed and his endless love for women.
For long, the business mogul had hoped to provide the best for his son through sustaining him in business since he thought he is the rightful person who will take over after him to run the family empire.
At 17 years only, Sudhir introduced Rajiv to business through opening for him a nightclub known as Sway Club which was located along Kampala road, opposite the general post office building. But to the tycoon’s dismay, the club did not even last for a year but a place Rajiv had turned into a penthouse for himself and his friends. He however wasn’t hard on him when he closed the business since he assumed he was still a teenager.
After a brief stint with school, Rajiv returned to Uganda after studies and was given an office at Crane Chambers so that he can get used to how his father’s businesses are ran.
At this point, it is alleged that Rajiv started to mess up all the businesses due to his arrogance, tantrums and ill manners.
Sudhir’s experienced workers could not take it and many resigned due to undesirable behaviours. And guess what, Rajiv went ahead to hire fellow less experienced Indian friends who respect him as “boss”.
However, Sudhir’s associates are wondering why he would allow his business empire built with hard work and sweat, to be brought down by a son.
More details coming…