By Watchdog reporter

After thorough research, it has become clearer that NBS despite its aggression against NTV Uganda, is not after-all the better destination for ambitious journalists.

Out of the many top journalists that have quit the Serena based NTV to Kamwokya’s Media Plaza based NBS TV in search of greener pastures, have completely failed to shine as anticipated.

Journalists at Serena are tempted with attractive pay cheques only to find it is not all about the monthly pay when the career is empty.

NTV Uganda strives to keep its journalistic standards high, and it is explained by why every year it emerges the preferred television to watch.

Solomon Serwanja

Maurice Ochol and Emmanuel Mutaizibwa are some of the reporters that have remained loyal to NTV despite the temptations to sway to cross to the competition, but they are getting better as journalists with time, yet talents like Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa have fallen down the radar, according to television ratings report. Not to mention Julius Ssenkandwa and Daren Kyeyune.

Rukh Shan Namuyimba

So the question is; is NBS a death trap for NTV journalists?

Well, the question comes at the moment when another NTV star journalist Raymond Mujuni has thrown in a towel to join NBS TV.

Mujuni joins the likes of Solomon Serwanja, Namuyimba, Sheila Tusiime Mugisha, Ernest Wisdom Kiyonga, and Darren Kyeyune among others at the Media Plaza.

To NBS, it is always a celebratory mood when another resignation is tendered, only to find out that actually NTV remains a stronger brand.

Darren Kyeyune

In a nutshell, stars like Namuyimba, Serwanja, Uwitware were up to their game while still at NTV, strong brands until karma caught up with them and left “the Serena league on Nile Avenue” to go down in “Kamwokya”.

Now, comparing Namuyimba of NTV to Namuyimba of NBS, you will notice a very big regressive change. Actually NTV’s Sheila Nduhukire is rated higher than Namuyimba yet by the time she left NTV, she was her starting out as a reporter and the Namuyimba was already up there.

It is hard to understand but its like, each journalist who leaves NTV for NBS becomes comfortable, with little challenge to their creative abilities and soon lose it all. We hope Mujuni, a creative young man, will turn around his luck!