By Watchdog reporter

There’s always a saying that ‘If you can’t defeat them, join them’ literally meaning that if someone is better than you, don’t hate instead appreciate.

But it seems Kampala woman MP Nabila Nagayi Sempala refuses to ‘kowtow in such pooho’.

To begin with, it is no longer news that Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi has ‘well positioned’ curves every woman yearns to have (sounds like a joke).

And among those women probably could be Nabila. Basing on the way she gazed at Jennifer Musisi’s curves leaves a lot to be answered.

One could say she was admiring God’s creation but when you closely gape at her face, it seems Nabila was feeling envious of the KCCA boss’s ‘particulars’.

Anyway we cannot blame Nabila for her envy, you all know what Jennifer’s behind has been doing to city men ever since she opted to enhance it through ‘faco’. Her (Nabila) man can also fall victim.