By Watchdog reporter
When city tycoon Sk. Mbuga said Leilah Kayondo wasn’t “worth” marriage, many people dismissed him for a jilted lover.
The real essence of Mbuga’s outburst can be understood in Leila’s new song Binyuma featuring Hellen Lukoma.
Leila has picked her album cover with much thought, and she throws stunts in the video soon to be outed, leaving no room to guess which master she serves.
The two singer are seen swimming just like the blue fish in Ellen’s movies “finding nemo” with questionable tendencies.
The singers sing about love for each other saying, confessing that “Binyuma nga ndi naawe”. The singers wear seductive dresses, revealing their underwear.
It would go with speculation if Leila’s Dubai based promoter Millicent Shillings Promotionz didn’t post the song on her official page with a title: Lesbianism Love Song Binyuma by Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma.
May be Fr Lokodo needs to hear about this!