By Herbert Bukenya

Also known as Star Boss and the ex-boyfriend of socialite Don Zella, singer Big Eye who has been one of the artistes tied to Bryan White’s foundation seems to be looking back to his on-and-off flame, fellow artiste Sasha Brighton of the New Eagles.

To show he is really considering a reunion with her, Big Eye posted a video at the airport holding her tight with their faces literally rubbing each other as he said they had just met in transit at the airport and there is nothing more between them with the body language saying otherwise.

The two have been on and off lovers since Big Eye broke up with Don Zella the mother of his son and from the look of things, he might be at it again with Sasha Brighton who some sources claim is actually pregnant.

When Don Zella got to know about her ex reuniting with Sasha, she went native. She posted foulmouth on her fans’ page Nalongo Don Zella, saying, “Ebinyo bikulinga emberenge egazze akamwa kakuwunya nga baracks ye makindye oguyindo gukulinga ensigo zembalasi wefula amanyi gaciya“. We shall not offer any translations, but, she was insulting Big Eye that he was “useless”.