By Watchdog reporter

Robinah Mbabazi aka Bina Babie returned back to Dembe FM after a short stint in US, but, she didn’t come back with an American man to mate with like was the case with her fellow Mutooro princess Ruth Komuntale.

However, Bina is determined to get the mating partner, and she is empowering her mind for the assigning.

On Tuesday, Bina who presents a mid morning show on Dembe FM, was spotted reading a book titled “The Mating Game”.

Bina wrote, “Hmm Women want exactly the same things they have always wanted then men have two emotions Horny and being Hunger! Is it true?”

The book according to the brief is” strongly grounded in methodology and research design.”

“The Mating Game: A Primer on Love, Sex, and Marriage provides a comprehensive review of the nature of love, the role of sex in relationships, and theories of human attraction”