By Herbert Bukenya

Irene Ntale has been laying quite low since she left Swangz Avenue over a year ago. She has just released a few singles to keep her name around like Kyolowoza, Stamina Daddy and Gukuba but lets face it Ntale hasn’t been the Irene she was at Swangz Avenue since leaving.

Come July though, her revival may have began in the public eye or been completed considering work is already going on behind the scenes for her first concert in almost 3 years.

The concert will feature a tribute segment to fallen star Mosey Radio and it has been dubbed ‘Irene Ntale Unchained.’ It will take place in the first week of the month that is 6th July to be exact!

Critics and fans are all on the look out to see how she will pull off the whole complex affair and logistics invloved in organising a concert considering she is planning to hold it at the rather expensive and plush Serena hotel that remains a no go area for your average Joe or what we love to call ‘Omuntu wa wansi’ in local street Speak!