City socialite Jack Pemba is back in the city though this time round, he is talking tough to his haters. He told Watchdog Uganda reporter Kiyimba Bruno that he is going into charity work, and that Ugandans are envious of his success and good works. Bruno found him at happening place “Auto spa”.

Qn: Mr Pemba, why have you been so lost?

Pemba: Yeah, long time my brother. I love Uganda but Uganda has let me down. Jack Pemba has gone through hell to make sure that his name is in good book.

Qn: What really happened?

Pemba: You see, when you are rich, there are many haters who fight hard to see your downfall. But Pemba could not allow them. My brother I am back in a new style. Many are going to see me and start wondering what I am made of. Because I have so many projects that are going to help boost the economy of Uganda.

Qn: What are some of those projects that you are planning or have brought to Uganda?

Pemba: My brother, Pemba has very many projects that have been running. But soon next Wednesday, I am going to launch something new that will help pregnant mothers, disabled children as well as under privileged children.

Qn: Why those out of many?

Pemba: For many years, I have lived a showbiz life. A kind of life where you spend too much money on yourself. You live a good life, drink good beers and drive posh cars plus many more. But now I think it is time for me to give back to the community. Ugandans are good people although there are haters who hate Jack. But to me, I feel I should give back to my people. More especially those who cannot access such aid.

Qn: So how did you come up with the idea of mothers?

Pemba: My brother, you are a man and you will never know what he women go through. I don’t know what my mother went through just like you don’t know what yours went through. However much we hide, truth always finds us. Our mothers have gone through allot and we must be thankful.

Qn: Last word

Pemba: To all who tired as much as possible for me to fall. Pemba is a good man who follows the law of Uganda. This time you are going to see many going down as Pemba is slowly going up. But when we meet, don’t fail to say hi.