By Watchdog team

Isaac Katende famously known as Kasuku has made a strong mark in the local media industry due to his fearless and hard-biting criticism against celebrities especially musicians.

Of late the Dembe FM and Spark TV presenter has been making headlines in the media following his venomous comment about fallen music icon Mowzey Radio.

We had a one on one with him and he managed to tell us about his career, love life among others;

1.Many people know you by your alias Kasuku and your popular show Tok n Tok. Tell us more about yourself.

I am Kasuku kuku wa Zabanga. But my real names are Katende Isaac Daniel. I am making 29 years on February 24. I am both learned and educated having attended Kabojja Preparatory School, St Mary’s Kitende, Standard High Zana before joining UMCAT School of Journalism and Media Studies. I am not yet married but I have a girlfriend and a five year old son, Nicholas.

2.What inspired you to join radio, and doing this line of broadcasting?

While at UMCAT, I joined Red Pepper publications where I was attached to the Onion product, then, I was taken on by Kamunye before I was taken on to write the gossip column WTF. In August 2010 I joined Star TV where I did a show called Kasuku Live and the following year, Joel Isabirye offered me a deal at Dembe where I did the Kasuku slot daily and Tok n Tok on Saturday.

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I have been following the entertainment industry for a long time. I realized that entertainment was indeed work with fun. Unlike my friends who were sweating with political or business stories, I would be out at 2am and be working. Entertainment allowed me to enjoy myself. Meanwhile, the industry was taking a turn. There were lots of young people taking on different roles in different companies and so was in the entertainment industry. We connected. This was the time GNL Zamba, Gift of Kaddo, Good Lyfe etc were breaking through. In the beginning my interest wasn’t in radio or television, but in print and I did a lot of news writing at college. But then I realized I can work for 30 minutes or so and be paid well.

3.What drives you everyday to do what you do?

Nothing really. I am a student of life. I know how the world moves. My girlfriend says I am mentally strong because nothing seems to break me. But my dad told me that the world will never go your way all the time. I keep remembering that. I have got to pick myself up whenever I am brought to my knees, and I move on. Even if I left the media today, I would be doing something great in two years’ time. I learn from what puts me down and I wake up knowing today is a better day than yesterday.

4.How do you feel about the public’s criticism about Mozwey Radio talk?

This makes me understand that people follow what I do. Many people do the job I do but never get this kind of attention. This shows people are listening to us. They know I am there. People can criticize me, I hear them out. But I know the character I play is not for praise singing. The moment I praise everyone, I am out of character.  So when I annoy some, I realize I am on the right track. It is the same thing when I said ‘use your middle finger’, that statement can mean anything… including, if anyone is idle, let them put to use their hands. Many people criticized me for that Radio clip, and I don’t want to repeat myself since Mowzey is already dead. However, we who are still alive, can shoot the messenger or heed to the message. We can learn from Radio’s mistakes. By the way, I have not pushed this industry to the limits, I could push harder. People who do serious journalism, can scrutinize and almost undress their subjects…I have not done anything yet.

5.Do you intentionally seek cheap popularity by criticizing celebrities?

What attention can I seek from them? Most of them cannot even negotiate a tax weaver from URA. What do I benefit being famous in Uganda? These celebrities fall sick and have no money to pay their bills, I don’t have any attention I am seeking from them.

6.How do you feel about being among the “most hated” radio presenters by celebrities?

I have been here for the last seven years. Celebrities come and go. They leave me here. Truth is, anyone is entitled to their opinion. I am satisfied with my pay from my employer. I love my job. It satisfies me.

7.Do you have any celebrity friends, people you hang out with and say nothing about them?

Yes, I have several. I hang out with Mulangira Ndausi, Bebe Cool, Douglas Lwanga, David Lutalo, Ykee Benda,  Jose Chameleone etc. But I tell them when they do wrong in public. They know the limits. We are friends. And there is stuff we do as boys. But when they do anything against public trust, I have to speak about it in public interest. Celebrities need to be role models to society.

8.Tell us about your love life; Are you married, do you have children?

My love life! I have one child. A son. He is five years old. I am also in love. I have a girl I love. She is very beautiful. We never talk about work, she never asks me about it and I never tell her about work.

9.Are there any topics that are taboo for you to talk about?

No topic is off limit. But there are things we keep in public interest. I actually speak only 40% of things I know about artistes. Many I ignore.

10.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I will be out of this industry. I am already laying a foundation. I have my website. I am planning to go into music label business and television production. But I will go there as soon as the music industry gets discipline; I don’t want to invest in a person who will break the contract the next day. BTW, Ugandan artistes are talented. They only lack physical and mental organization.

11.If you died today, God forbid, how do you think Uganda will celebrate you?

I want Ugandans to judge me like they do when I am alive. If people think I am hopeless, let them say so, even when I am no more. If someone doesn’t like me, let them not come to bury me. I don’t like pretences.

12.Tell us about your present relationship with Kenzo, Chameleone and Weasel or Chagga

We have talked about these issues with Weasal and Chagga. Thank God they know their friend better. Even the boy whose laptop was destroyed by Radio, they were planning to pay it. I have no bad blood with Kenzo. We greet well. We are friends with Chameleone. I have nothing against artistes. This is work. I will say so to my friends when they do anything disgusting.