Many Ugandans have always asked about the procedures one goes through to acquire a “Certificate of good conduct”. AIGP Dr. Fred Yiga the Director INTERPOL and International Relations shares your answers.

A certificate of good conduct is that document issued by Uganda police especially those seeking foreign employment clearing them of any criminal record.

Dr Yiga explains that a “Certificate of good conduct” is issued by INTERPOL after obtaining finger prints of the applicant using police finger print data base.

“Once we have identified that you don’t have any criminal record, we take you through a process of acquiring that document called a certificate of good conduct valid for only six months. Dr.Yiga explained.

He explained that this certificate is only issued by the Inspector General of Police through Interpol and is presented when one is going to look for jobs especially abroad.

He adds that “people who seek for foreign employment are advised before they board a plane to pass by Interpol offices Plot 12 Mabua road Kololo and get it at only shs 64,000 shillings.

He however warns those seeking for it to avoid using middle men whom he said they issue out fake ones and at the end of the day they get intercepted while trying to board planes.

To those intending to hire or employ house maids in families Dr .Yiga also says it’s important to bring such employees for verification by Interpol before taking them up.