By Kiyimba Bruno

The Director for Interpol Uganda AIGP Fred Yiga has flagged off 71 Ugandans to go and work abroad.

The function was embraced by the Middle East Consultants Limited Managing Director Gordon Mugyenyi where Mr. Yiga advised the young stars to work hard in order to lift their families.

Mr. Yiga also advised those going to make sure that they push their family members in order to curb the poverty chain.

“It is good to help your family members. If you help them, then they won’t be asking money from you,” he said.

He thanked Mr. Mugyenyi for helping Ugandans in fighting poverty  in the country.

“As Interpol, we have no problem with people who go to work abroad through Middle East Consultants since they use the right channels that the government recommends” noted Mr. Yiga.

In his speech to then youth, Mr. Mugyenyi advised them to invest their money in land since it is the only asset that has increasing interests.

“Invest your money in land. Today you can buy it at shs8 million and by the time when you come back you will be able to sell it at a price that is doubling the price to which you bought it” Noted Mugyenyi.

The boys and girls went to Dubai, Qatar among other countries to work as maids, security guards, drivers to mention but a few.