By Kiyimba Bruno

The operations manager for RTS Auto view company Miss Sarah Nakizito has warned internet users on the growing number of cyber fraudsters.

Speaking this, Nakizito was giving her remarks at Kololo in a press briefing that took place at her exhibition stall during the URA tax payer’s week.

Nakizito said that they sell cars using internet but one big thing their buyers need to know is that the fake sellers also exist.

“So many fake people pretend to be sellers from various companies which has lead  many losing billions of money” Said Nakizito

She added that RTS auto View Company has tried to curb the problem by putting enough security measures that safeguard their clients.

Nakizito advised all their customers to first know if the company that they are dealing with is secure enough to transact business.

She also pointed out another issue that many people especially Ugandans do not have enough money to pay for the brand new cars at once thus noting that RTS auto view company does accept installments from their clients.