By Najib Mulema

Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green has organized a highly anticipated 4th Annual International Children’s Climate Change conference scheduled to take place on Earth Day which is celebrated on 22 April worldwide.

This year’s conference running under the theme “Environmental and Climate Literacy” will see children converging to express their views and discuss solutions to environmental issues with each representative school given time to present its thoughts on the of the conference.

A one day event being hosted by Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) will bring together 300 child delegates from over 40 top schools in Uganda including four international schools based in the country. These children will be representing different nationalities and backgrounds from different countries across the globe.

During a press Conference held today at KISU, Executive Director of Little Hands Go Green also Project Coordinator Joseph Masembe said in this year’s conference, a 15 child delegation from top Rwanda schools will also be here to present the country’s efforts in conserving and protecting the environment.

“We are glad to be joined this year by a 15 child delegation from top Rwanda schools to present the country’s efforts in conserving and protecting the environment,” He said.

According to Masembe, children hold a vital position in the society and hope starts with them so they need to be given audience to understand and appreciate their existence through creating awareness of climate change.

“Children hold a very vital position in our society as need to be given audience so as understand and appreciate their existence. To showcase the efforts of Ugandan children in planting trees is the first step in showing ownership of our environment. This new form of environmental responsibility and leadership in the fight against climate change using the drive and ambition of children to commandeer a sense of pride.” Masembe asserted.

On the other hand, National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) Senior Districts Support Officer, Herbert Nabaasa applauded Uganda’s initiative of Little Hands Go Green for spearheading the conservation of the environment. He promised that NEMA will continue extending support to projects like this one to in order to fight against climate change.

On the same occasion, KISU Director Steve Lang said the school has gone at lengths to instill a sense of environmental appreciation to their pupils through school work. Pupils are engaged in activities like art, poetry, exhibitions and school tours that help them appreciate the environment they live in also learn the importance of conserving it in different ways including tree planting.

During the conference, symbolic fruit trees will be planted as part of the “Child Citizen” drive of the organization that gives chance to the children to take it upon themselves the first initiative of conserving the environment they live in.