Today Saturday, the Inspector General of Police has convened a mammoth crowd of his crime preventors in Mbale. This is one of the many regional campaigns to inspire love for physical fitness. However, the problem these meets are very political in nature.

Gen Kale Kayihura takes the meetings to different parts of the country every weekend brings together police and security chiefs in the region to join crime preventers in morning physical exercises.
During the exercises, Gen Kayihura shows off his martial arts skills by wrestling his trainer down, to the amusement of adoring fans.

After the event, he is introduced to different people in the area present, and speeches followed lauding the IGP’s police leadership record.

In the general’s speech, he talks about physical exercises, but also also how crime preventers can beef up security and do development work in their localities.

Now that the general has introduced crime prevention coordinator in every district and at sub county, he has instructed that every 10 homes should be monitored by a crime preventer. And he promises to give them operation wealth creation funds to be shining examples in their villages.

The questions are:
1. Why is the police chief enthusiastic about building a parallel civilian cum security structure.
2. Why does he launch it himself?