By Najibu Mulema

The state minister in charge of health and general duties, Sarah Opendi has annoyed the public for claiming only 56 children died in Mulago in the month of October.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze wondered how the minister could justify any number of children that die at a government hospital.

She wrote on her facebook page, asking, “Why should even one child die of a preventable disease”.

FDC’s Harold Kaija added, “To the NRM that is little. They are aware that they have done little to keep our people out of danger.”

Mulago hospital has been having challenges of personnel gaps since Makerere University students were sent home after President Museveni closed the institution.

The minister in denying that many children were dying due to the university closure, said, the problem was not human resource, but the expectant mothers who don’t visit health facilities early enough in order to cab the increasing infant mortality rates in Uganda.

There have been increased cases of children dying especially in Mulago hospital. Before November closes, already 31 new born babies have died. 56 died in the month of October.

Ms Opendi says the deaths are mainly as a result of late referrals from lower health facilities t bigger government facilities and this is a result of delayed reporting by the expectant mothers to hospitals. She says most children die due to lack of oxygen and complications associated with pre-maturity.

“In just this month of November, Mulago has registered 31 deaths of new born babies and the deaths were majorly  result of severe birth complications and this was caused by late referrals and late reporting by pregnant mothers to hospitals,” said Opendi.