By our reporter

Aisha Nabukeera was burnt by a step mother in February 2006. Her story was the talk of the nation, drawing the attention of Ssisimuka Uganda CEO and businessman Frank Gashumba who took her on as a guardian.

Since then life has been good on her side until yesterday when she decided to pour out the pain inflicted on her by her ex-boyfriend a one Sharif Muhatsi.

According to her Facebook post which she has since pulled down, Nabukeera revealed that in the course of their break up, Sharif called her a ‘Roasted chicken’ and a ‘UN product’.

She wrote;

Sometimes I really wonder how some men were raised. I know this is supposed to remain between you and I but you crossed your limit Muhatsi Sharif.

I respected you so much till the day I got to know who you really are. You have hurt so many girls with your lies. I am not posting this because I am angry at you for calling me a ROASTED CHICKEN and UN PRODUCT but just want to let you know that none of that will ever put me down. Or start feeling sorry for myself because of my scars. People like you just motivate me to work harder in everything that I do.

When you were asking me out, can I say you didn’t notice I was “roasted chicken”? Why say it now after all those years we were together? When you said that I just laughed cuz you showed me ur other level of thinking …Sharif Muhatsi please learn to respect women!!!!!