By  Najibu Mulema

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) National Mobilizer,  Ingrid Turinawe, who garnered only 25 votes in East African Legislative Assembly elections, wants to challenge election results in the East African Court of Justice over mistreatment.

The FDC’s iron lady was continuously booed and heckled at by MPs during her manifesto presentation in Parliament on Tuesday.

“When you look at how they treated me, you wonder whether they are ‘honourable’ members of a national Parliament, I have to seek fairness by all means,” Turinawe said

MPs accused Ingrid Turinawe of referring them to ‘pigs’ and she didn’t deserve their vote and support.

Appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze show today, Ingrid reiterated that her aim was to expose the behavior of Ugandan MPs; something she said was a mission accomplished.

Yesterday, FDC was silenced as the ruling party NRM,DP and UPC proved victorious in EALA.

Candidates which NRM agreed on, were all voted in. These were Mukasa Fred Mbidde (DP), Akol Rose Okulu (NRM), Mathias Kasamba (NRM), Mary Mugyenyi (NRM), Paul Musamali Mwasa (NRM), Dennis Namara (NRM), George Steven Odongo (NRM), Christopher Opoka Okumu (UPC), Suzan Nakawuki (Independent).

The three opposition candidates Mbidde, Nakawuki and Opoka are seen having got their nods from the relationship they enjoy with the ruling party.