By Najibu Mulema

Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC) iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe has revealed her intention to stand as Member of Parliament in the forthcoming East African Legislative Assembly.

The party national mobilizer joins the many politicians who have already expressed their interests to take part in the race.

The current Eala term will expire in May this  year and election of new Eala representatives is expected to take place in April.

Three of Uganda’s current representatives to Eala, Fred Mukasa Mbidde (DP), Chris Opoka (UPC) and Susan Nakawuki (Ind) have so far expressed interest in retaining
their seats while 22 others are former members in the 8th and 9th Parliament.

According to the standing orders, Eala slots are shared on numeral principle with each member state’s dominant party
getting more slots than the parties with few MPs.

However, with the exception of the Independents, all parties’ candidates are expected to go through internal party
processes to confirm their candidature.