By Watchdog reporter

FDC strong woman has this Saturday declared herself Dr Kizza Besigye’s internal affairs minister, although she says the retired colonel himself appointed her to the position.

Turinawe said while addressing congregants at Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze’s thanksgiving ceremony, that she is do I her job very well.

The activist told the people of Mukono that since Besigye won the February 2016 presidential election, he was sworn in and made his cabinet where she serves as internal affairs minister. In some countries, internal affairs is called Home affairs.

Turinawe said since she took her job, she has been working on the Police, which falls under her docket.
“People sympathize with me that I have suffered with the police, but I think the police has suffered with me,” Turinawe said.
She said she was working on the program to break the Police’s back and it would be communicated in due course.