By our reporter

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) National Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe has accused police of siding with party’s presidential aspirant Gen Mugisha Muntu through helping him campaign while on theother side disrupting and blocking his competitor Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

According to Turinawe, FDC party notified police about the ongoing presidential campaign. Under the same notification, written and signed by the Deputy Secretary General plus another letter written by Alice Alaso to update police about changes in campaign program, Candidate Mugisha Muntu has been able to hold a number of rallies while those of Patrick Oboi Amuriat are foiled and blocked.

She says on 28th September,  a rally that was organized for Amuriat in Lira District at the same venue that Gen Muntu held his rally was blocked and on 14th October , a regional delegates conference that was sitting in Moroto hosting delegates from the SIX districts of karamoja was disrupted and invaded by police.

Following the unfair treatment, Amuriat’s team petitioned the party’s Electoral Commission and held a meeting at Najjanankumbi whereby the  team was reassured of equal treatment to all candidates.

After the meeting, Amuriat made a new adjusted program submitted it to the party and the acting party President General Alice Alaso wrote a fresh letter to police informing them about the newly organized rallies starting in Rukungiri today on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, yesterday the DPC of Rukungiri informed organizers that he got orders from above not to allow Amuriat rally in the area yet Muntu was given a green light to hold rally in Mbarara on Thursday.

“The organizers have just been informed by the DPC Rukungiri that he has orders from above not to allow the Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) Rukungiri rally to proceed. In a related development, Team Muntu has been given clearance by police to hold a rally in Mbarara on Thursday 19th, but team POA who submitted to the same police with POA program to hold a rally in Mbarara on Saturday 21st (this week) have been told that they have orders from above not to allow POA rally. Our team is already in Rukungiri, ready for the rally tomorrow.  Police of Uganda, please stop your partisan involvement in our internal,” Turinawe stated on Tuesday.