By Watchdog reporter

Indians and Chinese have given President Museveni conditions before they leave retail business to locals.

Museveni directed that foreigners such as Indians and Chinese should quit retail business and concentrate on manufacturing or construction. He was addressing a retreat for ministers, permanent secretaries and top NRM party officials.

“We do appreciate President Yoweri Museveni, concern but we do not have the money and skilled human resources to venture into this business. If government can give us land and guarantee us loans, we are ready to venture into these sectors,” Mr. Raghuveer Mareyagu, Goodday Pharmacy Ltd, director said.

The business accused Ugandans of being dishonest and that was why Asians were into this sector.

He said, “If you sell to them on credit, they do not pay. As we talk now I have about Shs200 million in debts to my clients who are not showing any sign to pay. They come talk nicely, you give them credit but they never come back to pay. Look at all these are bounced cheques,”

Zafar M. another Indian trader in pharmaceutical sector said Uganda government has to secure them long term financing and ring fence the Uganda market.

While Chinese national Lee Zhong said  “I have been in Uganda for three years and my target was to do whole business for five years and go back to China. I do not have money to start a factory but I do have friends who I can contact and we build a shoe factory. What I need from government is land safety for the business”.

Uganda Investment Authority, public relations manager Sheila Karungi said, “we have land in our five regional industrial parks where both local and foreign investor can access. Let them come to us and we shall serve them according to their needs.”