By Watchdog reporter

Last week, Head of Da’awa in Uganda Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata warned famous local comedian MC Mariachi to stop cracking irritating and offensive jokes against Islam citing that he will deal with him in any way possible unless he apologizes.

In one of the skits, Mariachi criticized Muslims for  having fake names like Hamuza, Afuwa, Anasi among others which he twisted in an abusive & vulgar language, he went ahead to express his ‘negative’ mind by giving different terminologies to Islamic EIDs like Idd Amini, Idd Muzaata, IDD Atufitina.

Yesterday, seconded by fellow comedians who included Mad Rat and Chiko, Mariachi went straight to Kibuli Mosque to meet Sheikh Muzaata in order to ask for forgiveness from the angry cleric.

During his apology, mariachi accepted that he once offended the Islamic religion and he would never to repeat it.

While kneeling down, the comedian further asked Muslims for their support arguing that he would never go astray.

In reply to his apology, Sheikh Muzaata thanked the comedian for his cooperation and apologetic behavior.