By our reporter
Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth-Ochola has given Uganda’s attaché to the African Police (Afripol) ACP Jonathan Baroza only two weeks to report in Kampala or be declared a deserter.
Baroza was recalled from Algiers, Algeria but is missing at his duty station and also has never arrived Kampala.
Reports indicate that he has since sought asylum in Sweden where he is living with his family, and it is unlikely efforts to have in Kampala would bear any fruits.

Baroza escaped through Istanbul in Turkey on his journey to Entebbe. He however told Chimpreports this week that he could not return after he learnt his former boss Gen Kale Kayihura and his a couple of colleagues had been held, and few of them have since entered a courtroom.
According to Emilian Kayima the force’s spokesman, Baroza would be declared a deserter according to Article 59(1) of the Police Act, if he does not show up.

Kayima believes Baroza would be arrested on sight, which is unlikely since Uganda does not have an extradition agreement with Sweden.
Surprisingly, Kayima says Baroza is expected to be produced by his family after IGP Ochola directed the home area DPC to search for Baroza at his parents home, in Karora Village in Ruganda Sub-county, Mbarara District.

Baroza’s father is Kabiguruka Yovas.
“When you are not at your duty, we search for you. He is not at his duty and we want to know where he is,” Mr Ochola told Daily Monitor.

Article 59(1) of the Police Act stipulates that a person who deserts the service in the force commits an offence and is liable to conviction by a criminal court to imprisonment for one year.
The same Act further says that an officer is declared a deserter when he or she is absent from duty without authority for a continuous period of 21 days.
Desertion is criminal and an arrest warrant is usually issued to all investigating officers to arrest such an officer on sight.