The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura has lectured Police officers on ideological orientation.

This was during the weekly baraza in which Gen Kale Kayihura was meeting officers from Kampala Metropolitan South held at Kigo Police Marine base.

The IGP said, “Consciousness requires us to serve. We were not forced to serve. Learn the lessons of your history which built our strength. Serving the country is not selfless. Have a vision that is enlightened so as to build a force that is reliable and professional using the capacity we have”

He revealed that he is going to put up a lot of investment in political education and that weekly meetings is one way the above will be achieved adding, “our main aim is to form a formidable team that move as one so as to solve issues collectively. I have realized that there is no comradeship. So, Commanders should show care, know the problems of people you are commanding and let them have that feeling that Police cares. That will help in easy policing”

He noted that to build the foundation for the future, Police has to solve the fundamental problems of instability that the country inherited.

Gen Kale Kayihura once again appealed to officers not to be desperate for riches.

“Don’t panic to get riches and rush to get loans that you won’t afford. Embrace the idea of SACCOs not Microfinance. I am not against you getting rich but do it in a proper manner. Seek the kingdom of service, then everything will be in your direction” he said, encouraging officers to work hard through ensuring peace and stability and that once that is done, the country shall have modern economy that will guarantee salary increment.