By Watchdog reporter

Gen Kale Kayihura has told mourners at St Andrea Kaggwa Catholic parish that assassinated police chief Andrew Felix Kaweesi was a shining star in the force.
“Kaweesi was blossoming. He was at his best. He was a shining star”, said inspector General of police.

Gen Kale who saluted Kaweesi’s commitment to his duties consoled the widow Annet, children and family of the late Kaweesi in his brief speech after the requiem mass at his parish which he served in a special way.
The few speakers of the day lauded Kaweesi’s humility and approachability.
Kayihura said the rank of AIGP at which Kaweesi had died was equivalent to a general.

“He’s in the class of generals,” he said, emphasizing that in the military don’t die.
“He has not died. Generals don’t die, they just fade away,” Kaweesi’s boss of 10 years said.

Kayihura said Kaweesi had fought evil and he was surprised by the thugs.”

“It’ll take another generation to get a Kaweesi. However another Kaweesi will emerge.”

Gen Kayihura sent mourners into laughter when he said he knew Kaweesi was Catholic but he didn’t know he was a better Catholic than him.

The police boss also got time to salute opposition leaders who turned up at the mass including DP chief Norbert Mao and area MP Michael Kabaziruka.

“Kaweesi has been a sacrifice. We have a new beginning. He died when I needed him most. I was starting to relax to concentrate on my work as IGP, and even toplay Golf.”