By our reporter

If you asked at a random anyone on the street what they thought was the official monthly salary of the Inspector General of Police, the answer would not be Sh6.8 million as records show, the country’s top policeman is earning.

As the country rethinks bridging its salary disparities, the review of various presidential appointees and civil servants is shocking the nation.

Watchdog Uganda is not privy to Gen Kale Kayihura’s actual salary owing to the fact he is a general in the military whose career path was of a soldier and not a policeman, however, the fact that the IGP’s official salary is only Sh6.668,005 is alarming.

The pay of the IGP makes him earn much less than the average appointee in his bracket which stands at Sh11.8 million and Kayihura as well as his deputy, plus the Commissioner of Prisons are the least paid in their bracket.

It means Gen Kayihura and Dr Johnson Byabashaija should be earning just Sh6,868,005 while their deputies pocket only Sh6.774,345.

With cries from prosecutors, doctors, among others to review their salaries, the government has decided to take the burden back to the drawing boards.

With appointees such as Auditor General of Governemnt bagging Sh36 million, it makes some appointees feel sorry for themselves yet they are not doing any less work.

Below is the list of presidential appointees who are vetted by parliament according to their 2015/16 pay structure in UGX:

1. Auditor General of government – 36,100,000
2. Inspector general of government – 17,875,000
3. Deputy IGG – 15,005,000
4. Chief justice – 11,560,150
5. Deputy CJ – 10,532,581
6. Principle judge – 10,018,796
7. Justice of the supreme court – 9,688,506
8. Justice of the court of appeal – 9,358,216
9. Justice of the High Court – 9,026,743
10. Chairperson of the commission – 8,457,300
11. Dep C/p of the Commission – 8,157,300
12. Inspector general of police – 6,868,005
13. Deputy IGP – 6,774,345
14. Commissioner of Prisons – 6,868,005
15. Deputy commissioner – 6,774,345