By our reporter

The inspector general of government has swept aside investigations into alleged billions of shillings accumulated by the former executive director Supervision in Bank of Uganda Justine Bagyenda, instead she has ordered the group of staff who were sent home to stay.

In the twist of events, the IGG Irene Mulyagonja wants governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebire who is now seeing eye to eye with Bagyenda, investigated for the action of sending some workers home.

Bagyenda led a riot of staff that were sent into early retirement at the Bank of Uganda to become a nightmare for Governor Mutebire. They challenged the governor on procedure, which led to a mutiny within the Bank’s ranks pitting Mutebire on one side and Bagyenda on the other.

The fired staff ran to the inspector general of government complaining the manner in which they were sent home. The IGG has turned out to back the staff saying their send off was irregular and Mutebire needed to be investigated. The IGG has shown interest in investigating Bagyenda for the billions of Shillings on her accounts and multi million dollar property in swanky suburbs of Kampala and around Uganda.

Embattled Justine Bagyenda who was replaced by Dr Tumubweine Twenemanzi as executive director for supervision has refused to handle over her office. This comes at the time Ms Bagyenda has lost all positions she occupied by virtue of her Supervision position. The directive of the IGG also puts a stop on the work of the new staff at Bank of Uganda.

Bagyenda swore not to leave without putting up a fight. The directive of the IGG is going to cause confusion at the the central bank as they’ll not know who to report to since new office bearers have taken their offices.

Mutebire is reported to have told Bagyenda for the sake of order to allow her successor to start working but that she would continue picking her cheque until her retirement in a few months time which Bagyenda rejected, insisting on staying in her office.

Bank of Uganda is recently embroiled in a number of scandals leading to lack of confidence in the institution.

It is around this time a scandal erupted when Bagyenda’s accounts filled with billions of shillings leaked to the public. The public went up in arms demanding an explanation for the source of all that wealth.

This week it also emerged that Governor Mutebire was involved in the selling of Crane Bank to DFCU at about Sh200 billion. At the time of sale, Crane Bank has assets valued at Sh1.3 trillion leading serious questions to the conduct of the Central Bank officials which was tantamount to fraud.

Whereas the public expected that the IGG would take interest in the filth emanating from the Central Bank, instead, her first major directive is staying the status quo.

The public is watching for the IGG’s move with a keen eye given the fact that the Central Bank workers relations in the next couple of days and weeks would move to ugly to sour.