By our reporter

The Inspectorate of Government led by IGG Irene Mulyagonja has confirmed that it’s conducting investigations into Bank of Uganda’s outgoing Director in charge of supervision Justine Bagyenda.

In a press release, the Inspectorate said after the investigations, a report will be shared with relevant authorities only thus clarifying that the media reports circulating that the IGG is not conducting the investigations are false.

Early this year, a whistleblower petitioned the IGG claiming that Bagyenda had accumulated more than Shs 19 billion within a space of two years. The money, the whistleblower claimed had been put on bank accounts in various commercial banks.

She was also linked to 17 properties in central and western Uganda worth several billions.

On the other hand, the IGG also confirmed that it’s probing into the recruitment process at the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

The IGG further refuted claims that she secretly met with the UIA Executive Director Jolly Kaguhangire who was interdicted a few days ago over allegations of nepotism, corruption and incompetence.