By our reporter

What started as a rumour that Ms Justine Bagyenda’s stinking wealth was making some of her associates uncomfortable, has been finally been legitimized with the inspectorate of Government officially taking interest in her case.

This website understands that the IGG, has kicked off investigations into alleged abnormal wealth accumulation by Bagyenda, the director for supervision at the Ugandan Central Bank.

Ms Bagyenda is likely to be summoned by the ombudsman in the next couple of days.

The IGG would be interested in verifying if the wealth filed to the IGG by Bagyenda as required by the Leadership Code Act 2002 matches the alleged wealth attributed to her and her close associates.

Ali Munira, the IGG spokesperson was cited in Daily Monitor newspaper on Friday saying that the IGG has met a petitioner who has information that Ms Bagyenda had concealed properties she owned, including posh apartments, vast lands, and swanky homes.

Munira said the IGG will summon Ms Bagyenda after a second meeting with the lawyers of the petitioner.