By Najibu Mulema

The fights at the Ministry of Health pitting the minister Jane Ruth Acheng against her permanent secretary Asuman Lukwago has taken a new twist.

Lukwago’s suspension of Ronald Segawa Gyagenda as undersecretary and accounting officer at the ministry of Health, has been revoked by the inspector general of government and the ministry of public service. Irene Mulyagonja, the IGG, says Lukwago has no power to suspend the undersecretary without following the right procedure. She also said that her office was also investigating Lukwago over abuse of office.

Dr Asuman Lukwago, accuses Mr Gyagenda of conflict of interest whereby his company trading through MM constructions and Buddu Broadcasting services radio benefit from his public office’s tenders. Gyagenda prior filed a defence in which he stated that he sold his shares in MM constructions on August 26, 2010 and that Buddu Fm radio had been doing business with the health ministry since 2004, yet he was appointed as the ministry’s accounting officer only 3 months ago. In the letter to the IGG, Gyagenda raised questions about the financial management within the ministry before he took charge and that his accusers were “maligning” him.

According to Daily Monitor, the public procurement and disposals of public assets in 2014 blacklisted the construction firm on grounds of forgery, but the inspectorate of government said on Wednesday that the under secretary couldn’t be culpable because his sanction happened four years after he sold his shares.

After all that, the IGG Irene Mulyagonga wrote to the ministry of finance and the public services saying, Gyagenda ably defended himself so he needed to be brought back to his job. John Mitala, the head of public service and secretary as well, backed the IGG’s decision to quash Gyagenda’s suspension. Gyagenda was reinstated as the accounting officer of the ministry of health on Thursday.