By Namugerwa Martha

Inspector General of Government Justice Irene Mulyagonja has addressed the media about the public assets declaration of the public servants at the Uganda Media Center today.

Mulyagonja said that this process is to analyze and verify the assets of civil servants.

“This is to ensure that we have the correct information but some leaders have been slow in adapting the system.” Mulyagonja said.

She added that the public servants will send the information about their assets on an email by 5 pm next Tuesday and then they will get an invitation letter later.

Mulyagonja advised the public servants to engage lawfully to the system because the government invested a lot in the new system of using the online declaration system to the office of the IGG.

“This new system will help us in doing our usual investigations about their income providing activities and assets they own.”  Mulyagonja added.

Mulyagonja further thanked the leaders who have already declared their assets that record keeping its self is vital.