By our reporter

After a whistleblower petitioning the Inspectorate of Government asking the ombudsman to carry out investigations into the source of money on three bank accounts that allegedly belong to the former Bank of Uganda Director in charge of Supervision Justine Bagyenda, the IGG now is expected to start probing into Bagyenda’s bank accounts and posh properties.

Last week, Bagyenda’s bank accounts possessing shs20 billion were brought into limelight and the general public was left wondering how she managed to accumulate such huge amount of money within a period of six years.

After a thorough examination into the whistleblower’s account, the inspectorate has promised to open an investigation into Bagyenda’s source of staggering wealth.

According to the petition dated February 20, the whistleblower alleges that Bagyenda operates shillings and dollar accounts in Diamond Trust Bank, Centenary, Barclays banks on which she has stashed away billions.

The petitioner attaches copies of the bank statements that they claim belong to Bagyenda.

On one of the accounts purported to be in Diamond Trust Bank, she had saved up to Shs 11.4 billion as of December 1 2017.

The whistleblower also claims that on another account in Barclays Bank, she had a balance of Shs 98 million, while on the third account, she had up to Shs 3.7 billion.

In the same petition, it is claimed that Bagyenda also owns several posh properties spread across the country.

These reportedly include: Land comprised in LRV 2897 Folio 11 Plot N0. 21 at Museveni Road in Ntungamo district, LRV 2897 Folio 12 Plot 19 land at Museveni Road in Ntungamo district, LRV KCCA 86 Folio 22, Plot No. 1-7:53 land at Bugolobi Nakawa, LRV 3553 Folio 23 Plot No.43 Land at Peninsular Road, Kampala Central Division, LRV KCCA 89 Folio 24 Plot No.50 Land at Kampala Central Division, FVR 629 Folio 11 Plot 5 land at Sunderland Avenue, LRV 2631 Folio 10 Plot No.28 land at Kimera Close, LRV 3255 Folio 10 Plot No.410-411 Land at Makerere Hill Road, Kampala, LRV 2139 Folio 8 No. 20 Land at Balikuddembe Road, Kampala, LRV 2139 Folio 8 Plot 20 Balikuddembe Road, LRV 325 Folio 10 Plot No. 41-411 Block 82 Land at Bugolobi, LRV 2631 Folio 10 Plot No. 28 St. Kizito Close, Bugolobi, LRV 629 Folio 11 Plot No. 5A Block 82 Bugolobi, Block 20 Plot no. 629 Kiwatule, Nakawa Division, Block 20, Plot No.629 land at Busega, Rubaga Division, Block 252, Plot No. 105A land at Nakawa Division, Block 200, Plot No. 1548 Land at Munyonyo Makindye Division, Block 205 Plot No.1352 land at Nakawa Division, LRV 2156 Folio 10 land at Ntungamo, LRV 2890 Folio 10 Plot No. 10 land at Kaguta Road, Mbarara Municipal Council, among others.