By our reporter

The directive by the inspectorate of government to return staff of the Bank of Uganda who were sent into retirement last month has left the institution in confusion.

Sources within the central bank say the move by Justice Irene Mulyagonja to direct BoU to stay Justine Bagyenda and her group which Governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebire sent home, has created panic and unrest.
‘IGG action has added to more confusion and with this act, the chain of command appears to have been broken,” says a source at BoU who prefers anonymity to speak confidently about the matter.

“It is becoming more messy and completely atrocious,” the source said.

This website understands that Mutebire and Bagyenda are not seeing eye to eye with the bad blood flowing down to their allies within the bank and outside.

Lawyers say the IGG has no business offering guidance to BoU on this matter and since decisions have been made it can only create strained work relations.
A senior lawyer told this website, “Court case of Ojangole v AG says she has no power to interfere”.

“It appears every one is working stand alone and there is no coherence at all,” the source at BoU intimated.

To make matters worse since Bagyenda refused to leave office, sources at BoU say “Respectability to position has been lost.” Staff are backbiting their bosses saying they should have shared well their loot and avoided embarrassment.

“If this is the behavior of senior officials of an autonomous body then I say “God Save the Queen”. The source said sadly.
“The IGG has no power to direct and control an independent autonomous BOU. Left to go on like that even court decisions will be countermanded as not being in “good faith”.