By Watchdog reporter

Police in Iganga are holding a Traditional healer for allegedly raping a University girl after extorting Shs2.2million meant for her tuition.

Yusuf Otega Kobe a Traditionalist based in Kasokoso village in Iganga Municipality is said to have placed an advert on local FM radios in Busoga region indicating that he can increase people’s chances of getting money and being loved everywhere they go.
Police says they investigations into the matter are still underway.

Defilement and rape cases in the country are increasing despite a decline in the general crime rate.

Those that do step out and report rarely find justice. Only one in two cases reported leads to a prosecution and the conviction rate of those prosecuted is ridiculously low; most suspects are back in their neighbourhoods within a year of being arrested.

In 2011 alone, 520 cases of rape – most, if not all of them with women as victims.