By Najibu Mulema
While appearing on one of NBS television morning shows,Simon Mulongo an expert in peace and security said a president’s overstay in power doesn’t mean there’s no democracy.
He says Uganda is a democratic country and its evident during elections where 70-80 percent of members of parliament never return.Mulongo says every new parliament comes mostly with new mps which means there are always free and fair elections in Uganda and he also described the US and Uganda’s electoral commissions as both parties face the same electoral challenges.
” This US election proved that our electoral challenges are not unique. We heard allegations of vote rigging. There are lessons to be drawn from the way U.S conducts its elections. We should strive towards more transparency.”Mulongo said.
However,the former ambassador of Uganda in US,Edith Sempala said,Uganda’s electoral commission cannot be compared to that of US because Uganda’s commission lacks professionalism.
“Apart from transparency, there is lack of professionalism. Our Electoral Commission needs to be neutral and independent. Trump didn’t have media, public opinion or president on his side yet he won, because process was conducted with neutrality.”said Sempala.