Dear Mr. Patrick Bitature.

What interest would His Excellency President Idi Amin have in one Mr. Paul Bitature? This is one of the questions I wanted to ask you when I once called on Uganda Investment Authority. Remember when the Saudi’s I talked to wanted Uganda to showcase the investment possibilities to businessmen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia?
Your late father was the very Ugandans President Amin encouraged to take over nationalized properties and excel in business. So please at least explain what motive you think Amin had against him. Because there was none. My father didn’t even know your father.
But if you say you saw President Amin assassinating him, please show your proof. Or if you say that Amin ordered his death, please show us the order paper.
And if your father was resisting lawful arrest after being found red-handed in “magendo” (illegal contraband racket), please also tell the entire nation the whole truth.
But let me repeat this question. What interest did my father ever have in Mr. Paul Bitature sincerely?

May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

Hussein Lumumba Amin