By Kiyimba Bruno

During the past years, Post Office was seen as the channel through which communication was made to people in distant places. Those abroad could send letters, cargoes among many more to their beloved ones through the post office. In the early 80’s, most centers in Uganda were seen to be having centers of the post. Meaning it was efficient.

But during those days, the level of Information technology was very low in Uganda. The phones that were used were landlines not as mobile phones of nowadays. As years past by, many new companies emerged in Uganda with some being DHL, salabed cargo and many more. These started transporting and delivering goods from one place to another, work that would have been done by the post office.

With the growing need to trade and do business across borders, there is rising need for transportation services for goods across seas, ocean or by air from one place to another. It is the role of clearing and forwarding companies,which was by then post office, to get these goods to the clients wherever they are!  Clearing and forwarding services deals with export and import of goods and consignments, loading, shipping and forwarding of goods. These services are offered by a clearing and forwarding company or agents. Agents however, act on behalf of the company to transport goods to the particular clients keeping records for any taxes and travel documentation.

The services of clearing and forwarding companies include collecting purchased items from the factories and offering other transporting details until the goods reach their warehouse destination. A professional clearing and forward agent will be in a position to arrange the transport of goods whether bulky or just fragile to the client’s destination.

If the goods are traveling by air or shipping, they should be able to truck the logistics on the import or export end. A side from that any professional freight company should provide safe packaging, letters of credit, invoices and other shipping documentation. Any agent in this business must be sure of the rules and regulations of international clearance and forwarding thus should be credible in lawful shipment standards.

Now during the restoration of the new permanent secretary for the ministry of ICT Mr Vincent Bagire, a function that took place at the ministry of ICT and national guidance , the  minister Hon Frank Tumwebaze said that post office is no longer valuable to Uganda.

“The world is moving at a very first rate. Any one who can not adopt with it ,shall be left behind. We are now in the world of technology and that is where Uganda should go.” Said Tumwebaze

The minister however continued to welcome the new PS in office and gave him a task of changing the mode of communication into online. Tumwebaze said that  communication through using internet is the best way of cubing corruption in Uganda.

“Many Ugandans are crying of a disease called corruption but they don’t give a solution. I now give it to you . ICT is the solution” said  Tumwebaze.