By Kiyimba Bruno

The chairman public accountant’s examinations board in the Institute of Certified Public Accountancy Uganda [ICPAU] Mr. Uthman Mayanja has given reasons why the performance of the students this time was low.

This was done in the press conference that was held at Imperial Royal Hotel Kampala where ICPAU released examinations results of August 2017 examinations.

Uthman said that only 3,607 candidates passed as compared to 5,498 that passed in June 2017,a rate that seemed to be too low. He said that this was due to the fact that most of the students who sad for examinations this time round were those who had failed in the June session, claiming that they did not give themselves enough time to prepare.

Out of these students 60% were male candidates as compared to the female who only carried 40%.

Derrick Nkajja, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] for ICPAU said that traders in Uganda have a big grievance and hence need to be helped. He said that many of these do business but when it comes to auditing ,they do not have any knowledge in doing so.

On this note, he advised the graduates to keep working together with these people, however should register and be enrolled with ICPAU so  that they have always a base where to run to for consultation.

By 2020, ICPAU has a target of 5000 new enrolled members fully registered.