By our reporter

On Wednesday, President Yoweri Museveni ordered for the deployment of army sharp shooters and the purchase of escort cars for MPs’ protection.

The decision to enhance MPs’ security was made following a meeting between the legislators and President Museveni, wherein concerns about national security and MPs’ personal safety were discussed.

However the president’s directive wasn’t perceived with warm hands by the general public and a section of MPs who described the move as a way of misusing the taxpayer’s money.

Among the discontented legislators was Kalungu West’s Joseph Sewungu who said he doesn’t need the president’s offer and in case the escort vehicle is given to him, he will use it to carry his pigs to Kampala.

“This is shameful, especially given that it is coming from the Head of State. We have already passed the budget, where will this money come from? I do not need this vehicle. Where are they going to park? If he gives me one, I will take it to Kalungu and use it to carry my pigs to Kampala. I do not need those soldiers.” said Sewungu.