By Najib Mulema

Igara West Member of Parliament Raphael Magezi who recently tabled the contentious age limit bill has revealed that he is not ready to withdraw the bill irrespective of the controversies surrounding it.

Addressing the press on Wednesday morning at parliament, Magezi said he doesn’t intent to drop the bill come rain come sunshine because it’s good for the country.

He has also lashed out at some members of the general public who harass MPs in support for the constitutional amendment saying that violence is uncalled for.

Magezi further faulted Redpepper tabloid for soiling his name that he pocketed shs1 billion in a bid to move the controversial bill.

He said he demands an apology from the publication house since they wrote a misleading article against him.

“I’ve not received any money to present this bill; I demand that RedPepper apology to me for running that story. This info is misleading, some say I received 1bn but none of that is true, I’m doing this because I know its right and not for the money,”

The amendment of article 102b aims at scrapping age limit from the constitution which will enable president Yoweri Museveni compete favourably in the next presidential election in 2021 even after clocking 75 years of age.