By Watchdog reporter

Last week on Friday, veteran journalist Joseph Kabuleta broke the internet when photos of him and some followers kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes emerged.

The photos attracted  wide criticism among the general public where some angry people said Prophet Mbonye and his followers are out of order thus calling for government intervention in what they called ‘total madness’.

However, Kabuleta who is also a gospel minister has fired back to critics saying that he was in his right senses when he kissed Prophet Mbonye’s shoes adding that what he did with other followers is nothing special.

“I wasn’t out of my mind. What we did was nothing special. We are not the first people to honour people who have spiritual authority and we are not going to be the last. It is not a new phenomenon. People bow down and kiss the ring of the Pope. It was an expression of our hearts and what he (Mbonye) means to us,” said Kabuleta.

Kabuleta and other followers kissed Prophet Mbonye’s shoes during a special event to pay tribute to Mbonye’s impact on their lives at Kololo Independence grounds.

Prophet Mbonye’s followers were tasked to part with shs 1 Million, 750k, 500k, and 300k to attend the event- which, at the end of the night, was packed to the brim.